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10 Simple Memorial Keepsake Ideas

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Life is short: Simple Memorial Keepsake Ideas

A beautiful memorial keepsake for those attending funerals really helps to impress upon them the memory of the dearly departed. In order to help remember and honor the dead, we have curated a list of the most unique and personal service ideas.

  1. Tea Light Candles

A tea light candle can be a solemn way of remembering the dead. It can be lit on birthdays or on holidays like Christmas reminding one how treasured their memories are. It can also be nice to attach a message with his gift.

  1. Seeds

A packet of seeds symbolize growth and renewed life and is an amazing gift for those who have a garden. As the plant grows and bears flowers and fruits it will come as a reminder of how blessed the memories of the deceased have become. Sometimes, seeds are placed in funeral urns such as, bio-urns for green burial. This idea is becoming a popular post-funeral activity. Other greenery such as, funeral flowers are also significant in representing peace and good memories, most of the times, fake flowers are more durable and preferred.


This is a particularly lovely keepsake for those who like to read. It is also quite an old tradition to print bookmarks with the name and photo of the deceased as well as a beautiful verse, particularly one that the deceased cherished most.

  1. A Photo Collection

The simplest way to encourage people to remember the departed is to have a photo collection of them. A digital copy of the collection can also be kept for people to store and look through it whenever they want to remember the departed.

  1. Books

Books can be one of the most beautiful keepsake items, especially if the departed was an avid reader and had stored a good many books during his/her lifetime. Those who come to the memorial can take home a book in memory of the dead.

  1. Scented Bags

Nothing triggers the memory like smell. That is why one of the best memorial keepsakes can be a perfume that the deceased was most fond of. A scented bag can also work and bring comfort to the bereaved.

  1. Pen

Was the departed a writer of letters and stories? Gift the bereaved a pen with the name of the deceased printed on it. This gift can stay with people for many years and bring back cherished memories of the dearly departed.

  1. Cakes or Cookies

Did the departed like to bake cakes and cookies? Have these made and placed for the guests in attendance to take home. A little message on the side will ensure that the guests keep the departed in their memories.

  1. Handkerchiefs

Handing out hankies can be a memorable gesture. They can be folded and presented with a tied ribbon and a note. These can be the handkerchiefs that the departed had or could be purchased anew and embroidered with a funeral motif.

  1. A book of quotes or sayings

A small book of the departed’s favorite quotes or sayings can also serve as an amazing keepsake idea. If your loved one had a knack for collecting quotes or funny anecdotes, then these can be compiled in a short book for people to remember the departed by.

These are some of the most beautiful memorial keepsake ideas that will encourage people to keep the memories of the departed alive.

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