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5 Weird things people do with Cremation Ashes

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Cremation Ashes

Cremation is a post-funeral activity, often preferred by people who does not wish to be land buried. Cremation in Singapore is a popular post-funeral choice due to the land scarcity of the country. After cremation, deciding what to do with the ashes of your loved one can be a confusing and lengthy process.

Unfortunately, there are many usual ways to convert the ashes of your loved one into a wonderful memorial piece. Here, we’ve rounded up the weirdest things people do with cremation ashes. Let’s have a look:

Tattoo: Use the ashes for body art

Feel the closeness to your gone loved one by turning his or her ashes into a tattoo. There are many tattoo artists who mix some of the ashes with ink which is loaded onto the tattoo gun.

The ink mixed with ashes that is used for tattooing, will be permanently embed onto the skin of the person, in order to create a memorial tattoo that you keep for the entire life. What a way to pay tribute to a loved one!

Make sure you understand the health risks and reach out to the area’s best tattoo artist for the advice.

Vinyl Record: Turn ashes into music

Think about converting the cremation ashes into soothing music for your ears. Well, there are many companies that allow you to immortalise your loved one by pressing the ashes into playable vinyl records.

These companies press the record with a favourite music track or voice recordings. You can also get the artwork on the record cover customized in any desired way. Usually the music brings back fond memories of the deceased and the loved ones as the same music was greatly appreciated by both parties. Using music to feel connected to a significant someone!

Coral Reef: Underwater burial

Let the departed one be remembered in an innovative way. If the deceased person loved the ocean, you could scatter their ashes into the sea. Even better, you can get the ashes converted into a coral reef.

The sustainable round-shaped reef provides habitat and protection to ocean critters and lets their sea life to thrive.

Make Jewellery out of Ashes

Another popular way to hold on to the memory of the gone loved one is by designing memorial jewellery from their cremation ashes. Memorial jewellery is an old concept that is being rediscovered these days to keep someone’s memories alive.

For this purpose, you can speak to an artisan’s maker or a bespoke jeweller. Memorial keepsakes ideas come in many different forms. You can choose pendants, rings or bracelets, crystal beads, and much more, to get designed using the ashes.

Grow Trees

Why not do a favour to the environment and embrace the concept of “living urns?” This would be a great step if you or the deceased was conscious of the environment.

Many companies offer living urns or biodegradable urns, for example, there are certain funeral urns in Singapore, such as bio-urns, where the ashes of your deceased loved one are blended with other nutrients. This mixture is then used to grow a plant in any desired location. This method of post funeral is seemingly common due to the cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly-ness.

Wrapping Up

Losing someone is often a traumatic experience. Although there are many unusual ways to remember someone, please make sure that to respect the deceased as much as you would want them to. Learn more about the funeral services in Singapore from our funeral directors as they anticipate your burning questions on death-related matters.