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Buying Funeral Flowers In Singapore: By Culture And Religion

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Choosing Funeral Flowers and Condolence Wreaths

Losing a loved one is unbearably disheartening for the mourners to deal with with. Filled with sorrow and grief, there are so little that friends and relatives can do to brighten the situation and atmosphere. When someone passes away, it becomes even more important to express your sympathy and care for the grieving family. Attending the funeral ceremony in Singapore is a good way to comfort the affected families, however, your presence alone is not enough to cheer them up. A better way is to show up with gifts such as funeral flowers as the flowers represent a sweet gesture to express your sympathy and condolences to the affected families. With so many types and form of funeral flowers to choose from an online or physical store, learn how you can choose the appropriate flowers for a funeral service.

When you send funeral flowers, it helps to maintain relationships through tough emotional times like a death. However, not all flowers are acceptable as funeral flowers in every religion. Also, the colour of flowers signifies different meanings in different cultures and religions. Usually provided by most funeral home managing the ceremony as an additional top-up cost, choosing the right condolences flower is key to a memorable ceremony.
Read further to know which funeral flower arrangements are appropriate in Singapore:

What is the best funeral flower arrangement?

A funeral wreath or floral stand is the most popular form of flower arrangement used in most of the funeral ceremonies in Singapore. Funeral wreaths are usually flowers arranged such that it is circular or oval in shape and can be placed on the stand. Due to its professional yet sweet presentation, the floral stand can also be added with words like “Deepest Sympathy”, “Condolences”, etc.
The funeral flowers can also be delivered on the same day of purchase; hence, it is often the most-sought-after funeral gift. Since there are so many types of condolences flower in Singapore, choosing the appropriate flower to pair with a suitable floral stand is a great way to express compassion.

How much does funeral flower costs in Singapore?

The average price for a standard condolence wreath in Singapore is around $60 to $80. The price varies for the different types of flowers that are used in the condolence wreath. The premium selection goes up to hundreds of dollars for a condolence wreath with fanciful floral stand.
Keep in mind the delivery costs of funeral flowers purchased online. In Singapore, within the island, delivery cost for flower arrangement is usually between $7-$15. Any other locations and delivery out of Singapore will be charged differently.

What are the types of funeral flowers used in condolence wreaths?

With so many flowers you can choose to put on a floral stand, the common ones are: Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Anthurium, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangeas, Gerberas and the list goes on. In order to not complicate the situation, try choosing funeral flowers based on colours and vibe. White coloured flowers are usually preferred as white symbolises neutral and tranquillity.

Which kind of funeral flowers for the different funeral services?

  • Buddhist

Funeral rites in Buddhism involve chanting and meditation led by spiritual Buddhist monks. Guests show their sympathy by sending condolence flowers accompanied by money in white envelopes to help the family. The most flower arrangements for Buddhist funeral in Singapore are wreaths or stands with yellow or white lilies, chrysanthemums, and lotuses. These flowers denote purity, peace, and freedom.

  • Protestant Christian

At Christian funerals, a minister, hymns and prayers are preached. Flowers express your condolences for the deceased. Generally, flower arrangements for Christian funerals include Roses, Carnations, white and red Daisies, and Chrysanthemums.

In this religion, white flowers denote peace and purity, whereas red roses signify true love and grief.

  • Freethinker

Even if the departed loved one was not religious, flowers represent a gesture of concern and sympathy. You can present flowers to comfort the mourning family of a free-thinker funeral service in Singapore.  Choose flower stands and white table sprays. Daisy floral wreaths also work well when you want to honour a departed person even if the deceased didn’t belong to any particular religion.

The best time to offer funeral flowers is during the memorial service before the body is buried.

  • Roman Catholic

In Roman Catholic funerals,  a priest performs Prayer Vigil, and family members perform scripture readings.You can gift white Lilies in bouquets, or heart or cross-shaped wreaths. Wreaths with pink carnations and small figurines of Mother Mary are also appropriate.

Pink carnations are considered sacred in the Catholic religion. They also denote commemoration of the loss of a close person.

  • Soka

During Soka funerals, Soka members chant for the deceased person to obtain enlightenment and eliminate negative karma. Soka funerals use primarily white ornaments. So choose flower stands white peonies and daisies. The best moment to gift flowers is during the wake as it shows sympathy for the bereaving family.

  • Taoist

Taoist funeral ceremonies comprise of chanting, meditation and praying. White and yellow flower stands and table sprays with chrysanthemums and lilies are appropriate. Skip colourful and extravagant bouquets.

Where to purchase Funeral Flower in Singapore?

At this moment, dealing with recent loss of loved ones and sudden emotional vulnerability is inevitable. Thus, sending funeral wreaths is the best gesture to express our condolences. Funeral Wreaths are best to be delivered by flower shops in Singapore which operates 24 hours, so that you can send your compassion and sympathy on time. Reverence Funeral Services follow a list of flower shops in Singapore where we deem the best in terms of, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. 

  • 6 Best Funeral Flower shops with 24 hours delivery in Singapore:
Funeral Flower Shops in Singapore

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