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Choosing Memorial Items And What Are Their Importance

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Sentimental Value in Memorial Items

A memorial is a ceremony where the family, friends, and dear and loved ones gather and commemorate the deceased person. This ceremony takes place after the body has been cremated or buried. It can take place any time after death, between the first week of the death to a year.

In many religions, there is a tradition of exchanging and distributing memorial items as a token of love and respect towards the departed loved one.

Here are the most popular memories items you can choose from:

Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes are reminders of a departed beloved. In many religions, sharing keepsakes is an opportunity to create mementos featuring the stamp of the unique personality of the deceased person.

You can also engage a funeral or memorial service to create and distribute keepsakes. These special items remind you and everyone who receives these of the special person who has left the world.

You can choose from a variety of items as a keepsake, like personalized candles, paper or card-stock inserts, bookmarks and prayer cards, memorial folder, and more. 

A memorial keepsake should be designed expressively as a unique and standalone gift that everyone will cherish.

Porcelain Photo Memorial Plaque

Porcelain photo memorial plaques, sometimes referred as engraved marble tablet are truly a unique and beautiful memorial item idea.  This is an increasingly popular option. With the help of porcelain casting process and the modern digital technology, any photo can be reproduced on beautiful porcelain.

High-quality plaques never fade or crack in any climate condition from deserts to frozen winters. You will have endless choices of shapes, size, colour, and design. 

Afterwards, the family and recipients can keep the plaque as a token of memory of a dead one who has recently departed to heaven.

A Jewelry Memorial

Cremation and memorial jewelry is another popular way to remember a departed loved one. 

A beautiful silver ring, a bracelet or a gold necklace can be treasured as the best sympathy gift, especially the family is very close to you.

A Plantable Condolence Card

The recipient of these cards plant the seed paper to grow flowers that eventually bloom in memory of the deceased person. You can get a designer seed paper card or get plain seed paper cards and write personalized condolences.

So if you are going to a memorial ceremony or arranging the one, choosing any of these remarkable memorial items will provide remembering the departed beloved for ages to come. This lovely gestures of yours, will help ease the grieving family in coping their recent loss of loved one.