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Funeral Pre-Planning: Plan Your Own Ceremony

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Pre-plan your own funeral

You might wonder why I should plan my own funeral. But if you think logically and financially, planning your own funeral makes sense.

Planning your own funeral means the burial and ceremony will take place as per your wishes. Also, this is beneficial for you and convenient for your family who will be grieving after losing you.

Here is how to plan your own funeral ceremony:

Paying For Your Funeral

Putting thoughtful plans in place for your funeral payment can help your family as they might have to delay the ceremony to access the money you have left.

You can pay for your funeral with a pre-paid funeral plan or insurance that leaves money in your estate to cover your funeral costs. When the time comes, the estate’s executor will pay the funeral bill.

Your Remains After Burial, Cremation, Or Donation

If you decide to be buried, you can ideally choose it to be done with the casket. If you choose to be cremated, then choose where the ashes or urn should be placed.

You have many options such as natural burial, green burial, above ground lawn crypt for burial, in ground lawn crypt for a burial, spreading ashes for cremation, etc.

Let your family know your wishes

Write down your wishes to your family or friends about what you want for your funeral. It makes it easier for the family to understand and follow in the future. You can include your religious and spiritual choices and even provide the list of desired recipients.

Make sure you make multiple copies of your wishes in case the will is discovered too late to organize the funeral.

Choose The Details For Your Funeral

Once you have chosen between your burial and cremation and have paid the costs of your funeral, it is the time to finalize the details:

Final words

Most often, planning your own funeral makes sense if you are suffering from a terminal illness. However, you can plan this even if you are healthy and just wish that things take place in your desired way after you die. You could organize it yourself or speak to a funeral director.