Columbarium Marble Plaque

After selecting the right urn for the ashes, a Columbarium Marble Plaque or slab, with the deceased’s information engraved should be installed onto the columbarium niche in Singapore. The three main government columbariums in Singapore are Choa Chu Kang columbarium, Mandai columbarium and Yishun columbarium. Each of the columbarium have blocks of niches in either family-sized or single-sized.

Columbarium Marble Plaque Singapore

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Columbarium Niches in Singapore

After choosing a memorial plaque of your choice, cremated ashes are often stored in either government columbarium or private columbarium. We have compiled a list of columbariums for your convenience.

Government Columbariums

Government columbariums are often the most popular choice for most people in Singapore to commemorate their loved ones and marble plaque to be installed. Prices of the Niche ranges from $500 to $900 depending on the size of the niche. Price excludes inscribed marble plaque and urns which are often quoted by the marble slab company.

  • Mandai Columbarium
  • Yishun Columbarium
  • Choa Chu Kang Columbarium
  • Mount Vernon Sanctuary (Discontinued)

Private Columbariums

Private Columbariums are often considered luxury and the niches are expensive. Price starts from thousand and can go up to tens of thousands.

  • Nirvana Columbarium
  • The Garden of Remembrance

Private Temples

A popular choice amongst the religious Chinese community, some Buddhist temples even have their crematorium and columbarium. People prefer to place their cremated loved ones at private temples due to the daily on-going religious activities, monk-chanting and prayers.

  • Tse Tho Aum Columbarium
  • Kong Meng San Monastery
  • Fo Guang Shan Columbarium
  • Fong Yun Thai Association Columbarium
  • Peck San Theng Columbarium

Church Columbariums

Churchgoers choose a place in Christian columbarium due to the peace and tranquillity, also, prayers can be done in the niche rooms privately. Do note that each church has their marble plaque contractor, therefore, hiring a private contractor is forbidden.

  • Franciscan Columbarium (Saint Mary Church)
  • All Saint Memorial


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After the Funeral Ceremony in Singapore, comes the memorial of the deceased. Usually stored in a columbarium, the marble plaque will be engraved with deceased details. The end product of the memorial marble plaque varies for each of the different religions. Most Christian plaques have a cross and a bible verse of your choice, while Chinese Funeral plaques includes lunar dates and Chinese dialect region.