Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Buddhism is predominant among all the religions in Singapore. Practiced by majority of Chinese race, the Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore can be commonly found island-wide.

Singapore Buddhist Funeral Services

What are the Buddhist Customs?

In Singapore, there are a few variations to the Buddhist Funeral Services since the religion consists of multiple teachings. However, it all boils down to the belief in reincarnation that reunites all Buddhists.

Also known as “Samsara”, Buddhist believe that the accumulated karma of an individual’s lifetime will determine his/her rebirth. Accumulated good deeds from a lifetime based on Eightfold path, will ensure enlightenment for future rebirth while bad doings have adverse effects.

Dress Code & Etiquette

According to Singapore Chinese Culture, Buddhist mourners are usually required to wear white plain clothes to the Buddhist Funeral Arrangement. White colour represents purity and respect to the deceased. The colour symbolises mourning and bereavement. While families are advised to wear white, friends can dress in black.

Upon arriving at the funeral wake, perform the right Buddhist Funeral Etiquette by proceeding quietly and elegantly to the altar. Mourners pay their respect with a slight bow with palms clamped together in praying position, offer a joss stick to the altar if possible. After paying respect, find a seat and wait for the ritual to commence.

Though optional, visitors can also make monetary contributions, known as “Pek Kim” (白金) as a kind gesture to relief the funeral arrangement expenses.

Chinese Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Ceremonies are often led by Monks

Mourning Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Chanting of Monks and Mourners paying respect

Where to arrange the Buddhist Funeral?

Buddhist Funeral Ceremonies are often held under void decks of HDB in Singapore, to help the deceased on their journey to the afterlife. Sometimes, the Funeral Services are held in temples and funeral hall as well. Although an auspicious date is always preferred, sometimes, Buddhist will opt for 3-5 days funeral services regardless of the date. After which, a funeral procession will be held on the road for a short distance.

During a Buddhist Funeral Ceremony in Singapore, you can expect an abominable sight of Buddhist monks chanting religious scriptures for the soul of the dead, alongside with grieving relatives mourning for their deceased loved one.

How long should the Buddhist Funeral lasts?

In Singapore, the Buddhist funeral Services should last for at least three days. Three days because Buddhist believe that it is a peaceful moment for their loved ones to transit from life to death, performed by practising proper Funeral rites and customs. However, the funeral services is commonly preferred to be longer, up to 5 days or 7 days. One day funeral services are also increasingly popular in Singapore nowadays.

Buddhist Funeral Casket Services Singapore

After the Ceremony,  the Casket is loaded onto the hearse.

Chinese Funeral Hearse Buddhist Package

Funeral Procession en-route to Mandai Crematorium.

Buddhist Funeral Memorial Services

  • Cremation

In Singapore, Chinese Buddhist can choose either burial or cremation. Most people will choose Cremation because Buddha himself was also cremated. Cremated ash remains will be stored in an urn and placed in private temples or columbarium.

  • Buddhist Death Rituals 49 days

Traditionally, Chinese Buddhist in Singapore will have a praying ceremony on the 49th day. This is the period right before the rebirth of one’s spirit. According to Buddhist teaching the bodhisattva Ji Jang Bosal, within these 49 days, he/she will have the time to re-look their karma and conscious. After which, the person returns to contribute his/her learnings to the world. Families of the deceased will pray for the best wishes and blessings for the en-route of a new life in a new body.

Cremation Buddhist Casket Services Singapore

The Coffin entering cremation chamber

Buddhist Funeral Home Singapore Memorial Services

Prayer and Food offerings for Day 49

Our Buddhist Funeral Services Package

3 Days Package- $5,388

5 Days Package- $5,888

   Buddhist Funeral Package Includes: 

Casket Services

– Polished Wood Casket with Glass

– Buddhist Sutra Blanket

Buddhist Funeral Services Set-up

– (1 Set) Embalming, Hair and Makeup by morticians, Dressing (Provided by family), Hearse, Tentage, Curtains, Floor mats, Canvas, Buddhist backdrop, Pallbearer services.

– (1 Set) Tables, Chairs, Fans, Mobile Toilet, general lighting for the wake

Buddhist Funeral Photo and Funeral Flowers

– (1 Set) Photo Set-up, Photo Frame (10”X12”), Floral Wreath (11” X 13”), Fresh Flower Bouquets, Buddha’s altar, Deceased’s altar, Condolences

Buddhist Funeral Mourning rituals and Monks

– (1 Set) Food Offerings (Vegetarian), Fruits, Monk-led Ritual, Buddhist Monk, Buddha Food offerings

Buddhist Funeral Prayer and Chanting

– (1 Set) Joss sticks (small & large), Incense for burning, Paper tablet, candles, Lotus Candles, Lamp, White Flag, Pail, Floral water

Funeral Cremation day arrangement

– Funeral Cremation registration process

– Buddhist Funeral Hearse

– Air-conditioned coach (2-way)

Buddhist Funeral Services Items

– (1 Set) Funeral donation registration book, Reception table, Funeral notice at the funeral wake

Post Funeral

– Floral water

– Ash Collection

– Post Funeral prayer advice


1.) What is the difference between Buddhist and Taoist funeral services?

In Singapore, many Chinese are unsure of the differences between these two religions. Because of the similarity in practices and customs. Buddhism and Taoism coexist since both religions have the same belief in life after death; reincarnation.

In short, both religions have very different views on life and values. Buddhism believes in inevitable sufferings such as illnesses and environmental changes, the religion’s teachings based on Eight-Fold Paths, advocates right behaviour, right intentions and right knowledge for better after-life.

Taoism, on the other hand, believes in the goodness in life. Taoist teaching based on inner-peace, individual harmony and self-balancing. A Taoist priest will perform rites for deceased in Singapore Taoist funeral. Find out more about our Taoist funeral package.

Why Us?

Reverence Funeral Services have a team of Funeral Directors specialised in Buddhist Funeral Services. Our Buddhist Funeral Package is not only comprehensive and complete, but we also retain the traditional Buddhist customs to suit your needs.

For a Buddhist, having a dignified funeral send-off is extremely important in aiding the deceased to a wonderful afterlife. However, when it comes to Buddhist Funeral customs and rites, many Chinese in Singapore, are very uncertain, as it is seldom a topic of discussion. Thus, our funeral directors will step in to guide families to have a fruitful Chinese traditional funeral experience and funeral arrangement as a symbol to pay their last respect and an act of filial piety to their deceased loved ones.

 Our Services are also cheap and affordable with transparent price-list showing the breakdown cost of the services provided.

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