Christian Funeral Services Singapore

Christian Funeral Service Singapore can either be held in Churches, HDB void decks or Funeral Parlours. Christians believe that an end of a person’s life on earth is a significant moment as the deceased is headed to a better place; Heaven.

In Singapore, the Christian funeral service is often less solemn than other religions since salvation is given to those who believed in Christ. As such, peaceful prayers and hymns are often heard and encouraged to be sang along during the funeral ceremony led by the church pastor.

Singapore Christian Funeral Service

Christian Funeral Traditions

The wake for viewing is optional and it depends on the family’s decision. In Singapore, it is very common that a Chinese Christian Funeral set-up in HDB void decks serve as an opportunity for families, friends and church members to pay their last respect, offer their condolences and bereavements. Funeral condolences flowers are commonly presented to the grieving family as a form of deep respect. Christian Funeral Services usually consists of silent prayer, sermon and reading.

Christian Funeral Etiquette

In Singapore, the dress code of Christian service should be dark colours. Black formal attire is also greatly appreciated. Other dull coloured attire such as grey, dark blue and white.

“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the lord forever.”

Psalm 23:6

One day funeral service

Unlike other religions, Christian funeral service in Singapore, often lasts for only a few hours and is preferred be held for one day. The funeral service is often led by church pastor or church leader and the purpose of the funeral is for memorial and bereavement sake. Thus, one day funeral service is absolutely customisable and arrangeable.

Christian Memorial & Bereavement

  • Cremation

In Singapore, after the funeral wake, most Chinese Christian choose to cremate their dead loved ones. The cremated ashes are usually stored in an urn and placed in either Mandai or Choa Chu Kang columbarium for memorial purposes. Family members can pay their condolences and respect to the deceased by offering fresh flowers.

  • Burial

Chinese Christians can also choose land burial option to bury the deceased in Lim Chu kang, at the western region of Singapore. Land Burial would also means extra cost to be expected for the marble structure and tombstone at the grave site. 

Christian Funeral Memorial Services Singapore

Cremated ashes stored in Memorial Columbariums

Singapore Christian Land Memorial Funeral Service

Land Burial for Christians arranged by Funeral Home.


1.) When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit a Christian Funeral in Singapore is the time before the sermon or prayer commences. That is most likely 2 – 3 hours after the funeral set-up is done. This way, after paying respect to the demised, you can leave if you choose not to attend the prayer.

2.) How much condolence money should you give?

In Singapore, traditionally, fifty dollars is the minimum as white gold donation to the grieving family to aid their funeral expenses.

3.) What should I say to the grieving family?

You should give a pat to the back or embrace them with a hug to express empathy for their recent loss. Avoid shaking hands and talking loudly.

Our Christian Funeral Services Package

3 Days Package – $4,388

5 Days Package$4,888

   Christian Funeral Package Includes: 

Casket Services

– Polished Wood Casket with Glass

Christian Funeral Services Set-up

– (1 Set) Embalming, Hair and Makeup by morticians, Dressing (Provided by family), Hearse, Tentage, Curtains, Floor mats, Canvas, Christian backdrop, Pallbearer services.

– (1 Set) Tables, Chairs, Fans, Mobile Toilet, general lighting for the wake

Christian Funeral Photo and Funeral Flowers

– (1 Set) Photo Set-up, Photo Frame (10”X12”), Floral Wreath (11” X 13”), Fresh Flower Bouquets, altar, Condolences

Funeral Cremation day arrangement

– Funeral Cremation registration process

– Christian Funeral Hearse

– Air-conditioned coach (2-way)

Christian Funeral Services Items

– (1 Set) Funeral donation registration book, Reception table, Funeral notice at the funeral wake

Post Funeral

– Ash Collection

– Post Funeral prayer advice

Why Us?

Out of the dozens of funeral homes found in Singapore, Reverence Funeral Services have a team of sincere undertakers that are well-versed in the arrangement of Christian funeral ceremony working with many churches, baptist church as well as dealing with pro bono funeral for the less fortunate. Worshippers and Mourners should not panic when death occurs, we will attend to you immediately and cater our service to suit your needs, any region in Singapore.

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