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Singapore Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist Funeral Service

Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore is highly sought after, arrangement follows Traditional Buddhist etiquette, dress code, mourning rituals and customs.

Christian Funeral Parlour Services Singapore

Christian Funeral Service

Christian Funeral Service in Singapore. The ceremony is often joyful as the faith that deceased is headed to better place as salvation is given to all who believed in Christ.

Taoist Funeral Director Services Singapore

Taoist Funeral Service

Taoist Funeral Service in Singapore, ritual and prayer led by a group of priests, is the second most common choice for Chinese Funeral Service to be held in Singapore.​

Free Thinker Funeral Package Singapore

Free Thinker Funeral Service

Free Thinker and Non-religious Funeral Service are raising in demand in Singapore. The Funeral Arrangement are customisable and can be personalised.

Catholic Singapore Funeral Package Cost

Catholic Funeral Service

Roman Catholic Funeral Service in Singapore requires Church's support combined with proper funeral rites to ensure a dignified and meanfuling wake for the deceased.

Singapore Soka Funeral Services Cost

Soka Funeral Service

Soka Funeral Service in Singapore, where Soka in Chinese means "Value-adding". Japanese Buddhist religion based on the teachings of Japanese prist Nichren.

When Death Occurs…

5 Steps Funeral Preparation

The most complete Funeral Services Singapore guide of 2019. The immediate loss of loved ones can be overwhelming. This guide is prepared for the vulnerable grieving families, mourners and also to raise awareness.

Step 1: Collect Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

Firstly, identify the location of death in Singapore.


In the case of death in any of the medical institutions in Singapore, doctors can certify the cause of death and issue the CCOD right away.

Other locations

In the absence of any doctors, due to the untimely demise or unnatural deaths, you are required to call the Singapore police. The body of the deceased will be transported in a police hearse to Mortuary@HSA (BLK 9, Singapore General Hospital).

At the Mortuary, the coroner will examine the cause of death and subsequently conduct an autopsy if required. Family members will be informed with regards to the post-mortem review. Things to bring to the Mortuary: Medical documents & NRIC/Singapore Passport of the deceased

Step 2: Contact Any Funeral Home

Usually, the funeral director of your choice will assist with the death registration process. However, you can also choose to do it on your own. To register the death, simply head down to the nearest Singapore Neighbourhood Police Post with the CCOD, NRIC or Singapore Passport. A Death Certificate will then be issued to you in exchange for the CCOD.

In Singapore, there are several funeral homes and undertaker directors to choose from. Funeral home such as Reverence Funeral Services, Direct Funeral Services, Singapore Bereavement Services, Entrust Funeral Services, Singapore Funeral Group Pte Ltd and the list goes on.

Step 3: Funeral Arrangement

Upon contacting the Funeral Home of your choice, the undertaker will collect the body with their hearse and send it to be embalmed. Embalming will be done by the mortician. The embalmment process preserves the body and saves it from decaying. Funeral arrangement and ceremony will be part of the package.

Wake location

You can choose where to hold the funeral ceremony. In Singapore, most would prefer to arrange the wake at home area such as HDB void deck, Condo and landed property. Family members to keep vigil throughout.

  • HDB Void Deck – Acquire permit from Singapore Town Council
  • Landed Property – Acquire permit from LTA (only if you are using part of the road outside of your house)

If you do not wish to have the funeral ceremony conducted within your home area, you can also consider funeral parlours located in different regions of Singapore. Do take note of the additional rental cost for wake arrangement at funeral parlours.

  • Existing Funeral Parlour – Singapore Funeral Parlour Tampines
  • 4 more Upcoming Funeral Parlours in Singapore 

Funeral Ceremony

Preparing for the funeral ceremony differs across religions. The duration of the funeral ceremony ranges from as short as 1 day to even 7 days. Most Singaporeans would opt for 3 days.

  • Types of Caskets

Knowing the type of Casket (aka Coffin) that is included in your funeral package is important as each casket is specific to different types of the funeral arrangement. There are mainly two types of funeral casket, cremation casket, and burial casket. Do not simply agree to any casket without knowing what you are paying for, to avoid paying unnecessarily.

  • Religions

Buddhist Funeral Services Package: Monk chanting, prayer items, set-up, supplies

Taoist Funeral Services Package: Priest chanting, Incense joss paper, burnt offerings, set-up, wake supplies

Christian Funeral Services Package: Church Pastor’s arrangement, set-up, and wake supplies

Catholic Funeral Services Package: Church’s arrangement based on Canon Law, Catholic set-up and supplies

Free-thinker Funeral Services Package: Funeral essentials and set-up

*Other Funeral Supplies – Condolences flowers to the demise, Funeral Flower wreath arrangement, Food catering services, Funeral videography/photography services, etc.

Step 4: Land Burial or Sea Burial or Tree Burial

Land Burial Services

Funeral Procession (send-off) to the cemetery, coupled with funeral marching band and undertakers to supervise. Burial coffin will be prepared for the funeral send-off. Family and friends of the deceased will witness the funeral burial process and send their last condolences. After this, a tombstone with the deceased’s name and information with be built on the burial plot.

Since land in Singapore is very scarce, the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery burial duration is limited to 15 years only. After that, the tomb is subjected to the Singapore Government’s expansion plan, where several graves have been affected and asked to be exhumed for Singapore’s re-development purposes. 

Ash Cremation Services

In Singapore, after the ceremony, Funeral Procession will take place for a send-off to the Crematorium, funeral hearse to transport the combustible casket to Mandai Crematorium. The cost of cremation is often $100. On average, the cremation duration will last up to 4 hours, thereafter, the cremated remains are to be retrieved at the ash collection centre.

  • Sea Burial Services – Cremated ashes to be scattered at designated sea spot.
  • Tree Burial Services – Cremated ashes to be scattered onto a tree, usually at home.
  • Columbarium Memorial – Cremated ashes to be contained by marble urns, stored in a columbarium or private temples with a memorial plaque installed.

Step 5: Memorial in Singapore

Urns & Marble Memorial Services

Most people in Singapore choose to store their cremated deceased in a columbarium or private temples. The highly-sought-after government memorial niches always experience a fast sell-out issue due to the high demand. Single memorial niches are priced at $750 whereas Family memorial niches are priced at $1150. Additional costs will be incurred for the Urn, Memorial Plaque and ceramic photo. The funeral home usually has their marble supplier, however, you can also engage a marble memorial company of your own.

Firstly, at the ash collection centre, an Urn would be used to store the ashes, followed by placing the Urn into the Columbarium Niche, which will be completed with a Memorial Plaque to be installed and sealed. Memorial marble comes in different colours where the deceased name and dates will be engraved onto the marble piece for memorial purposes.

Obituary Services

A notice of death placed in Singapore Newspaper. For obituary advertisement rates, checkout Singapore Press holdings for the newspaper selection.

Why Us?

Reverence Funeral Services is a Singapore based funeral home that provides a one-stop funeral arrangement and casket matters. We are a diverse collective of professional funeral directors from varying backgrounds and disciplines. We strive to keep our service packages as affordable as possible without compromising the arrangement quality.