About Us

Reverence Funeral Services is a one-stop Funeral Home in Singapore that has been in the death-care industry for many generations. We offer a variety of funeral services such as Buddhist Funeral, Taoist Funeral, Christian Funeral and many more.

As a “Customer-Centric” Funeral Home, Reverence Funeral Services is made up of a team of sincere undertakers and funeral executives, focusing on creating value. We believe that success is not measured by the amount of money made, but by the difference we made in people’s lives. Hence, it is apparent that this website was created to better inform people in Singapore about death matters. However, should you decide to engage us, we will ensure a meaningful service to be delivered on our end.

Reverence Funeral Services

“When does a job feel meaningful? Whenever it allows us to generate delight or reduce suffering in others."

 Alain Boton

Also a Supplier

Besides providing funeral ceremony packages, Reverence Funeral Services also supplies a range of funeral products, such as Columbarium Urns and Memorial Plaques to many of the funeral homes in Singapore.

Therefore, should you require any other funeral products, instead of splurging on unnecessary costs, avoid falling into layers of marked-up price trap and contact us directly.

Reverence Funeral Services Singapore

Marble slabs in our storeroom ready to be engraved.

Reverence Funeral Supplies

Wide variety of Urns are kept in our storage.