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Buying A Coffin: Material, Purpose & Types

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Coffins & Caskets

For some people, the coffin is a matter of respect and symbol of the deceased’s lifestyle. These people tend to spend a big amount of money on the funeral cost in Singapore. Also, there are many people who think that spending so much money on a coffin is nonsensical.

Whatever your personal preference and thoughts are, you must consider the following different types of coffins before choosing the right one from your casket company in Singapore.

Solid Hardwood: For Traditional Look

This type of coffin is crafted entirely from solid wood that is sourced from the same species of a tree. These are known for their unique beauty of the wood grain, and their warm, natural look.

Composite Board: A Cost-Effective Option

To make these coffins, hardwood or softwood residuals are broken down into wood fibres and then combined using wax and a resin binder. Wood veneer panels are glued to the surface, or the surface is painted with a metallic finish for an improved appearance. Composite board coffins are less expensive than solid wood.

Cardboard Coffins: Featuring Digital Prints

Nowadays, cardboard coffins are becoming very popular. These eco-friendly and modern coffins can be decorated with digital printing in any desired design. These coffins can be personalized with wording, photographs, or even you can paint and decorate it yourself.

The coffin provider or your funeral service director will give you many design options to choose from. Once you approve a design, a personalised coffin will be prepared as per your needs.

Hand Woven Coffins: The Most Eco-Friendly

Hand woven coffins are environmentally friendly products. These are sustainably made from renewable resources, like willow and sea grass. These are then hand woven without using glues or metal.

Willow is a renewable crop, which requires minimal processing. This material degrades quickly in the soil while locking carbon emissions into its stems. Since the colour of willow is the natural plant pigmentation, the colour tone of coffins may vary for every batch.

Bamboo Coffin: Natural Material

Bamboo coffins are incredibly stronger than the coffins made of up steel. This is another eco-friendly and renewable material that doesn’t leave carbon footprints. Similarly, there are banana coffins made from the tightly coiled leaves of the tree.

Handles and Linings

Coffins feature a wide range variety of handles and linings. The quality handles and lining depend on the cost of the chosen coffin unless you opt for a customized coffin. Handles are constructed using metal, plastic, or even rope. Some coffins even feature six handles.

Now you know the different types of coffins and their purpose. Choose the one that best fits your budget and preferences.