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Life Hacks On Coping with Grief and Loss of A Loved One

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Coping with Grief: Loss of A Loved One

Grief is a response that results from the stimulation of the loss of a loved one. Awesome as the title of this article may be, I may have exaggerated to some extent. There are no life hacks toward coping with grief. As much as the life hacks may work on some people, most people going through depression mainly conquer it in their own ways. Overcoming the loss of a loved one is mainly based on the ability to let go. Accepting the fact that your loved one is gone is the only life hack you can be sure of. However, there are other people who take time to snap out of the depression and sense of loss. You can give these few hacks a try and see if they will make you feel better and continue living a life that your departed loved one will be proud of.

Cherish what you had with the departed and move on

From a psychological point of view, facing our huddles is the only way one can walk over barriers. You may cry and grieve (which is also good), but you have a whole world out there waiting for you to re-write history. Letting go is not easy, but it may be easy if you reflect on the activities you did with your loved ones, the places you visited and also what you learnt from them.

Join in Rituals

This is yet another life hack that may work in many situations. It is good to be around family and friends. You can attend memorial dinners and talk about the departed. This makes you proud of the person, hence makes it easy for one to get over the loss.

Preserve the Keepsakes Well

What are keepsakes? In simple terms, a keepsake is anything that is given to one as a remembrance of an occasion or a special reflection. It may also be addressed as a memento. Memorial keepsakes are very special when it comes to the grieving process. You should take care of the keepsakes and cherish them.

Join a Support Group

Don’t listen to the pessimists who tell you that support groups are for losers. It is not a must to join a support group, but being part of a community with similar interest is a good idea and will help you with your self-development process.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Out Loud

Keeping the grief inside of you is the worst mistake people grieving make. Talking about your loss with friends and family makes it easy for you to move on. Always talk about your loved ones when you have a chance to express your feelings toward the loss. If you need some time to cope with the emotions, you can express your sorrow during the funeral services in Singapore where many mourners attend wake to give their last condolences. After which, you are to seek for a listening ear to share your concerns and emotions.

Those are just a few life hacks that can help you get over the loss of a loved one. However, just trust the process. Healing needs time, and it is not the same for everyone. It’s also not good to force yourself into getting over the loss. The loss does not go away, it is just harnessed into positive energy.