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What To Wear: Christian Funeral

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Christian Funeral Attire

When attending a Christian funeral, wearing appropriate clothing demonstrates your respect towards the grieving family and the departed loved one. During these difficult times, it is always best to stay conservative with your attire. Your dress should always show respect whether you wear white or black.
Dress as if you are going to attend a serious business meeting. That means you should choose your outfit according to the location, the climate and the culture of the deceased. Always avoid bright colours, shiny fabric, and flashy prints. And, if you are going to a Christian funeral, follow this guide to dress up yourself:

What men should wear for attending a Christian funeral?

Remember that a funeral is a time to mourn, not a time to stand unique in the crowd. So dressing appropriately matters a lot. For men, a business suit in a muted colour is appropriate. Pair the suit with a formal white shirt and match it with a necktie in similar mute colour and simple pattern. Do not wear jeans, short-sleeved shirts, flip-flop, and sneakers. Baseball caps can be appropriate in some cases.

What women should wear to a Christian funeral?

Women who are visiting a Christian funeral can choose black clothing in sombre colours, such as black, dark blue, and brown. Ladies can wear a formal outfit, skirt suit, trouser paired with a blouse, and a pantsuit also. Skip leggings and jeans strictly. Women’s clothing should be traditional in its appearance. It should cover most of the skin. You can apply a little makeup and wear minimal jewellery as well.
Wear flat shoes or pumps, and open-toed shoes or sandals may also suit well, depending on the climate and venue of the funeral. It is advised to restraint with perfume if you want to use it, as strong scents can be easily noticed at a funeral. Children and teens can go for Church type, age-appropriate attire that shows respect. Kids can take a cue from their parents.

Final words

Some cultures require funeral attendees to wear white dress rather than wearing black. Many times, the family may request visitors to wear a particular colour or colour scheme. For example, a friendly and cheerful nature may specify his funeral plan that everyone would wear green or yellow. Make sure you ask an immediate family member or the funeral service director for advice on the appropriate attire. Sometimes the deceased may specify a preference.
Dress to show respect!