Casket Company in Singapore

Casket is also known as Coffin, is one of the most important element for a funeral service in Singapore. Understanding the type of casket that is included in your funeral package by your Casket Company in Singapore, is as important as choosing a “comfortable bed” for your deceased loved one. 

Casket Company in Singapore

What to look out for?

Purchasing casket is a rather sentimental process, however, most people are not able to tell what they are paying for. Most people are pressured by the time constraints, highly emotional and vulnerable due to immediate loss of loved ones.
Here are some tips and information when choosing the right casket to avoid overpaying when engaging a funeral service company in Singapore.

Type of Caskets

There is a wide range of caskets and the funeral service company will usually bombard you with their catalogue which ranges from a few thousand dollars to even tens of thousands. So how do you make the most cost-effective decision to ensure that you select the appropriate casket without unnecessary expenses on your finances?

  • Casket for Cremation
    Cremation caskets are fully combustible and fully covered to ensure that it protects the deceased from foreign objects. In most cases, the casket will be used for both the funeral service, followed by the cremation. There is a wide range of caskets that caters to each individual. Here are some examples:
Christian Coffin Price Singapore Company

Christian Casket (6-Sided)

Christian Casket Services Singapore Company

Christian Casket (4-sided)

Casket Price and Service Singapore

Full Glass Casket

Casket Package Company in Singapore

Chinese Casket (8-sided)

Singapore Casket and Coffin Company

Full Glass Casket

Singapore Coffin Services Package Price

Chinese Casket (4-sided)

  • Casket for Burial
Christian Casket Singapore Burial Company

Christian Burial Casket

Coffin Company in Singapore

Chinese Burial Casket

How are the Casket Material different?

High-end Coffin: Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry

Mid-range Coffin: Oak, Birch, and Maple

Low-end Coffin: Pine, Poplar and Veneer

Premium Caskets

Harder woods used in premium caskets such as Mahogany, Walnut and Teck wood are beautiful selections which come with a costly price tag.

  • Metal caskets

Most durable of all caskets type, the metal caskets consist of the bronze casket and copper casket which are non-rusting. Such metal caskets are also the most expensive and they are rarely used in Singapore since it cannot be used for cremation and also make the exhumation process much more tedious.

Casket Companies in Singapore

Out of the many casket provider companies in Singapore, such as, trinity casket, serenity casket, simplicity casket, casket fairprice, Singapore casket and sin ming caskets, which company should you choose? Fret not, most Funeral Homes have already included the suitable casket in the Funeral Package that is catered for the ceremony.

Why Us?

At Reverence Funeral Services, aside from the wide range of casket selection to choose from our company, we like to be in the shoes of mourning family. As such, we will select the most cost-efficient casket for our customers in Singapore.