Funeral Urns in Singapore

In Singapore, where the land is extremely scarce, many would opt to be cremated instead of land buried. After the funeral cremation is conducted, marble urns will be required to house the cremated ashes. Funeral Urns are commonly stored in government columbarium niches or private temples. The ashes will be contained in an Urn before being placed into a niche by the funeral director, in charge of your wake. Funeral Urns in Singapore comes in different shapes, sizes and colours. Urns are usually paired with columbarium marble plaques as they will be stored in columbarium niches.

Funeral Urns Singapore Columbarium

In Singapore, most people purchase funeral urns for storage in government columbarium, specifically, Mandai Columbarium and Choa Chu Kang Columbarium. The size of the niche is different for each columbarium block.

What is a Funeral Urn?

A Funeral Urn is typically a rounded vase-like container, used to store the cremated ashes of the deceased. There are many types of Funeral Urns in Singapore, such as Pet Urns, Jewelry Urns, Brass Urns, Wood Urns, Urns for Keepsake, Ceramic Urns, Marble Urns and Biodegradeable urns.

Columbarium Urns in Singapore

In Singapore, columbarium urns are high in demand, used as a post-cremation funeral item. Usually made of marble or ceramic, these urns are used to contain the cremated ashes. Marble urns come in many shapes, sizes and colour. Upon request, marble urns can also be engraved.
After the marble urns are contained with ashes, it will be placed in a columbarium niche, Government columbarium prices are as such; $500 for Single Niche, $900 for Family Niche. Do note that there will be an additional charge of $250 for choosing the niche.

Standard Urns

Short Funeral Urn Singapore

Small Urn

Fat Wide Urns Singapore Funeral

Wide Urn

Tall Funeral Urns Singapore Columbarium

Tall Urn

Onyx Urns

Hazel Onyx Marble Urn Singapore

Chestnut Urn

Green Funeral Urns In Singapore Columbarium

Jade Urn

Pink Funeral Singapore Marble Urns

Pink Urn

Premium Urns

Jade Urn For Singapore Funeral

Jade Sutra Urn

Singapore Pink Sultra Funeral Urn

Pink Sutra Urn

Orange Urns For Ashes Singapore Funeral

Pale Orange Urn

White Funeral Urn In Singgapore

White Sutra Urn

Columbarium Urn for Singapore Funeral

Jade Onyx Urn

Engraved Funeral Urns Singapore

Top View of Urn

Other Types of Urns:

Biodegradable Urns in Singapore
Biodegradable Urns, known as Bio Urns are increasingly popular in Singapore. Often used for tree burial, the concept of these bio urns is to have the cremated ashes stored in a biodegradable pod, which eventually will provide nutrients for the planted tree above it. Tree burial is environmentally friendly and is also beneficial to the ecosystem.


1.) What must be done before purchasing an Urn in Singapore?

Since the purpose of an urn is to store the cremated ashes of a deceased, ensure that cremation comes before ash collection. In Singapore, cremation bookings are usually scheduled by the funeral director or representative of the funeral home, where the cremation is conducted right after the funeral ceremony. The urn will be used on the day of ash collection.

2.) Why put coins into urns?

In Singapore, Chinese believe that Chinese coin in Feng Shui attracts positive energy for protection and good luck, the significance of placing coins in an urn before the ashes, is to ensure that the deceased will have a safe passage on to the next life. Hence, Funeral urns in Singapore, are usually filled with eight coins, as according to the Eightfold Path, each coin represents one practice, adding up to eight practices in total.

3.) How much does an urn cost in Singapore ?

Due to the huge variety of urns available in Singapore, the price of an urn varies for different design, types and material. An average cremation white marble urn would cost roughly $350 while an engraved premium urn can go up to $1000. On the other hand, urns for pet ashes can be as cheap as $80.

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Standard Urns, usually included in the Funeral Package, are made of white marble. The Standard Urns comes in 3 different sizes catered to the different columbarium blocks. Urns with sutra are used specifically for Chinese Funeral Services, where the urns can either be store in government columbariums or private temples. Urns for keepsake can be engraved with wordings.