Cheapest Funeral Cost in Singapore

In Singapore, funeral service can be costly due to additional and hidden costs. At Reverence Funeral Services, our packages are comprehensive yet value for money. Ensuring the Cheapest Funeral in Singapore, you can get at low cost, while maintaining high quality service standards.

Catholic Cheap Cost in Singapore

Catholic Funeral Service

Cheapest Soka Funeral Home Services

Soka Funeral Service

Other Funeral Services

Burial in Singapore Cost

Land Burial

Despite the land scarcity in Singapore, a big group of people prefer to be buried. However, do expect that extra cost will be incurred for erecting a tombstone.

Sea Burial by Funeral Home

Sea Scatter

Besides being the cheapest post-funeral service, after cremation the ashes are scattered into designated sea area. Popular low cost choice in Singapore.

Funeral Marble Plaque Package Cost

Engraved Plaque & Installation

The most common way for memorial in Singapore. Cremated remains will be contained into a marble urn before placing it in a columbarium niche.

Exhumation Funeral Services Singapore


Singapore Government's decision on Choa Chu Kang cemetery to be redeveloped for expansion. More than 45,000 Chinese graves affected.


How much money to give at a funeral in Singapore? According to basic funeral etiquette, condolence money donation should be at least $50.

While the cost of the funeral ceremony varies between the different religions, our cheap yet comprehensive funeral package strive to keep funeral expenses to be minimal without compromising the wake quality. 

Post-Funeral Services such as Land Burial, Sea Burial and Cremated Ash Storage are usually arranged by the Funeral Home who managed the ceremony service.