Free Thinker Funeral Singapore

Singapore has seen a growth of non-religious or free thinker community in the recent years. This greatly increase the demand for non-religious funeral services Singapore. Free Thinker Funeral Singapore package is customised and specifically arranged for people who does not have a religion in Singapore.

Free Thinker Funeral Service Singapore

Free Thinker Funeral Arrangement

The funeral package varies for different setups, though the package includes basic funeral essentials. Since the funeral arrangement is not tied down by religious constraints, the ceremony set-up can be customised and personalised to most of the customer’s requirements. Backdrop of a free thinker funeral arrangement can either be of a Chinese theme, neutral theme or other preferences.

What to expect?

Despite the absence of religious leaders and arranged prayers, the funeral service quality will remain high standard. Since a dignified send off serves a significant moment as a tribute to the deceased.

The recommended duration of the funeral service should be at least 3 days, this is to allow friends and acquaintances of the deceased to pay their last respect, express their condolences to the deceased family and also allow some time to walk down the memory lane of the demised. Though optional, visitors can also make monetary contributions, known as “White Gold” (白金) as a kind gesture to relief the funeral arrangement expenses.


The absences of religious ceremonies can be replaced by friends/families delivery of eulogies or simple speech, to describe outstanding characteristics or sweet moments spent with the deceased.

Non Religious Funeral Wake Singapore

Personalised Funeral arrangement for Free Thinker.

Singapore Free Thinker Eulogy

Speech and Eulogy held during the Funeral Service.

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