Taoist Funeral Services Singapore

Due to the multi-dialect Chinese community, Taoist Funeral Services Singapore varies between Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka and Hainanese. Although the Taoist customs and beliefs are consistent, rituals are performed by Priests who are proficient in the specific dialect.

For example, we can expect a priest chanting in Teochew or Cantonese, during a Teochew Funeral service in Singapore. The priest will also lead the Teochew funeral customs and rites to cater to the dialect group.

Taoist Funeral Services Singapore

Taoist funeral customs

  • 49 days after death Funeral Customs

Similar to Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore, Taoist also has the death belief that within 49 days, the deceased will reincarnate. The traditional Chinese funeral superstition states that strong Taoist devotee might achieve immortality (ascend to heaven) and usually on the 49th day, family members of the deceased will perform the last prayer ceremony for blessings and good fortune of future generations.

Taoist funeral rituals

Joss paper and other burnt offerings are often seen as important Taoist funeral ritual, since it is a form of traditional Chinese ancestral worship. Joss papercrafts such as paper house, cars and clothes are often prepared for burning with lighted joss-sticks. Taoist funeral rituals led by the Taoist priest consists of optional post-funeral procession such as “Gong Teck”; the celebration of Day 49 or Day 100, where the Chinese funeral superstitions and Taoism death beliefs that arrangement of “Gong Teck” equals to celebration of the after-life and post bereavement celebration for the deceased.

Funeral Rites Package Taoist Singapore

Burning of Paper products such as cars and houses.

Taoist Home Funeral Ceremony Services

Chinese Traditional Custom: “Gong Teck”. 

Do’s and Don’ts during Chinese Taoist funeral wake (Singapore)

  • Attire should be White, Blue or Black. Avoid wearing bright colourful attire.
  • Upon arrival, pay respect to the deceased altar by offering joss sticks or silent prayer.
  • If possible, stay Vigil with the family of the deceased as a form of sympathy.
  • Condolences donations, as known as “Pek Kim” should be at least $30, it is to aid funeral expenses and financial burden of the grieving family.

Taoist Funeral Procession

In Singapore, after the end of Taoist funeral wake, which usually lasts between 3-5 days, a Taoist funeral procession will take place. The coffin will be transported to the burial site or cremation site, where the family of the deceased will follow the Taoist hearse with mourners following behind. Traditionally, the funeral procession will go on for a short distance, a symbol of blessing.

Taoist Funeral Hearse Services Singapore

Taoist Funeral Procession to crematorium begins.

Singapore Taoist Funeral Chinese Services

Upon arrival, coffin is pushed to cremation chamber.

Our Taoist Funeral Services Package

3 Days Package- $7,500

5 Days Package- $7,980

   Taoist Funeral Package Includes: 

Taoist Casket Services

– Polished Wood Casket with Glass

– Taoist Blanket & Taoist pearl

Taoist Funeral Services Set-up

– (1 Set) Embalming, Hair and Makeup by morticians, Dressing (Provided by family), Hearse, Tentage, Curtains, Floor mats, Canvas, Taoist backdrop, Pallbearer services.

– (1 Set) Tables, Chairs, Fans, Mobile Toilet, general lighting for the wake

Taoist Funeral Photo and Funeral Flowers

– (1 Set) Photo Set-up, Photo Frame (10”X12”), Floral Wreath (11” X 13”), Fresh Flower Bouquets, Deceased’s altar, Condolences

Taoist Funeral Joss Paper & Incense Burning

– (1 Set) Funeral Lanterns, Hand-crafted funeral paper house, Paper housekeeper, Funeral Incense Paper

Taoist Priest Prayer and Chanting

– (1 Set) (1) Taoist priest chanting for en-coffin, last funeral ritual and on Funeral day. Taoist priests (Choose Dialect) to lead night funeral rituals

Funeral Cremation day arrangement

– Funeral Cremation registration process

– Taoist Funeral Hearse

– Air-conditioned coach (2-way)

Taoist Funeral Services Items

– (1 Set) Funeral donation registration book, Reception table, Funeral notice at the funeral wake

Post Funeral

– Floral water

– Ash Collection

– Post Funeral prayer advice

Why Us?

At Reverence Funeral Services, our Taoist Funeral Packages are tailored to each of the different dialects, be it Teochew funeral customs, Cantonese funeral customs or Hokkien funeral customs, our professional Chinese funeral directors are well-versed with the Taoist death beliefs, from the start of the funeral, including the funeral rites and etiquettes, till the end of funeral service, funeral procession and cremation. Based on Singapore traditional practices and readings, you can trust our sincere funeral directors give you the best service at the most value for money package.

 Our Services are also cheap and affordable with transparent price-list showing the breakdown cost of the services provided.

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